Now crank no start!!! Need help


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Hi guys! Need some help. Have a 2000 Honda Civic ex car has a d16y7 engine in it, full wiring harness and ECU everything has been plumbed and wired correctly. I’m getting power from battery to dash but no crank. Multimeter reads 12.6 at starter with key in on position. My 40 & 80amp fuses are good. I got a new ignition switch and tumblr no change in crank. I’ve checked all fuses under dash and hood replaced all bad ones no change in crank. My clutch switch and rubber piece are completely intact and working properly. The ECU has no corrosion or burn marks on it. I have no idea why else it could be any help would be appreciated thank you!


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Use an ammeter to measure amperage on the ground cable when you are cranking. Should get very high amperage readout during cranking.
When key is turned to crank position does the stater solenoid actuate?

Here is the wiring diagram for the starting system, Im sure you can figure out the rest. Otherwise come back and we will try to help.