obd1 d16z6


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hi my freind is sell me a obd1 d16z6 long block no tranny and i was wondering could i use the bottom end and put a obd2 y7 head on his block becasue my engine gut fucked up its a obd2 d16y7 engine my bottom end is knocking like a mother fucka so need help asap becasue i haven't pick up the engine from him yet he wants 250 dollars for it but i dont know if i can use any thing he got.

so i was wondering could it be done or well it run like s**t because i am taking his d16 block and putting my y7 head on it.

are the d16z6 and the d16y7 bottom ends the same and are there any sensors i need to know about


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I would definately use the complete d16z6 engine, it has more hp and is better for boost (if you plan to). But I would also look for a z6 tranny or y8 tranny because the y7 has long gears.