Odd Idling... Hesitation on 2nd Gear?

Let's just start with this:

1 Week ago, bring my car to my local dealer. They 1) Removed the Heat shield around my Cat cause it was rusted and was flapping at High RPM's. 2) They tightened my pulley belts, and though they make a noise it can't be heard unless you stand in front of the car 3) They did a Valve Adjustment, no more tapping noise and quiet as it can be with my Super Charger.

So, I pick the car up that night and they leave me a note. Said my Oil was low (had changed the oil two weeks ago, so that was odd) and the pressure in my engine was low as well. They didn't check that after doing the Valve Adjustment. So yeah odd right?

Anyways, I am driving back home. Car runs fine, but I noticed my Idle was changed from the normal 1100 RPM's warm to like 600 RPM's. I figured they did that cause it made it run better, dunno. Car sat for the entire week cause I carpool.

This weekend, I start driving it again over 50 miles. 1) Car feels like they put the idle TOO low, like it's gunna stall You can barely feel a stalling vibration, but it's there. I noticed the difference immediately. 2) When I braked a few times, I noticed my RPM's dropped immediately to like 100 and then shot back up to the new idle speed of 600 or whatever. And pop the hood, you can see the engine shake a little, did not do that before the valve adjustment. Using the throttle, I push until the RPM's hit 1100 and it stops shaking and sounds like it was before. Does it need to run higher cause of the S/C?

Could they have messed with anything? I noticed there is some slack on the throttle cable (see pic below), does that need to be adjusted? People say it's normal for low idle in honda's, my old 2003 never idled this low and was always around 1100 like the car was before the valved adjustment.

ALSO, when I change gears from 1st to 2nd, it feels like my car bogs down immediately and then kicks back in. I try to shift that s*** as smooth as possible but it's just annoying. All the other gears are fine, but yeah, 1st to 2nd is always a little rough. Any idea's? Or is it just my shifting? lol

Here are a few pics:

Car is completely warmed up here, I let it warm for 15 minutes.

I there should be slack in this cable, but why does this seem too much slack?

Is that my cruise control cable? There is a LOT of slack in that cable. I could put my oil cap under it before it moves the throttle before it picks up the engine power.

Full Picture of the Engine Bay:

A lot of questions, I know. Gotta relearn my civic, and I am new to Manuals & SuperChargers. So bear with me. Thanks.


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Idling at 1100 is pretty high. Maybe they messed with that screw to bring the idle down. It IS possible to over tighten belts also, that could've happened. And since your sc is ran on belts it could effect performance..


That's actually might be what it could be. When you stand in front of the car, you can hear what I can describe as slight rubbing from the belt pulley. It could be described something else, but when I look at the belt it looks slower than it moved before. I mean before, it was LOOSE and made chirping noises when it was cold and in slight water. After it was tightened, it seems to be running pretty decent.

Wonder if it's the belt that's causing it to run lower RPM then normal as well?
To add, can I adjust the belt myself? It's like the normal one, slightly different and I think it's cause the S/C is added to the entire pulley. I'll take a pic tomorrow and post to see if someone could give me direction on what to loosen perhaps.

This looks like what needs to be adjusted to adjust the belt:

Close Up

Side Picture

So do I just loosen the top of that till the belt loosens a bit? I am guessing that's how. This once looks different than the one I had on my old civic, which was more like a slider where I slid the belt back and forth till it was tight.


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Yeah that is probably your tensioner. I'm not familiar with k series motors :(

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