OEM rear spoilers


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Here are your OEM options and differences for 6th gen rear spoilers:
These spoilers were all available as options for any trim, but were more commonly installed on Ex and Si models.

96-98 coupe - Low profile spoiler, long LED, bolt mount to the trunk lid. Not stamped “Civic” on the underside. This was also a leftover option and available for 99-00 as well. Wiring is routed on the right side of spoiler, when looking at it from the back of the car.

96-98 sedan - 3 point mounting, bolt mount to the trunk lid, wiring routed in center post, 4 bolt mount LED brake light.

99-00 coupe - Tallest of the 3, has a shorter LED brake light when compared to the older spoiler mentioned above. Has “Civic” stamped on the underside. Uses mount studs with an acorn nut to bolt to trunk lid. Wiring is routed through the left side of the spoiler when looking at it from the back of the car.

99-00 Sedan spoiler, exactly identical in build to the taller spoiler, but this one is shorter in height.