OFFICIAL DIY: 1999/2000 Fog Light Install: No Wiring


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DIY: 1999/2000 Fog light install no wiring

Applicable Years:1999-2000

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Estimated time: 2-3 hours

Required parts: 1999/2000 factory oem or aftermarket oem spec fog lights

Required Tools:
-Drill bits
-Philips head screw driver
-Razor knife
-Dremel (going to make your job 10x's easier)
-8 washers (when you get your fog kit in take the bolts to home depot or somewhere and get the right size) but you may not need them on your install, but I did with mine being it's aftermarket. And time, time and more time getting it to fit to your specifications.

Step 1
Remove your bumper.

Step 2
Once you have your bumper off you should see 2 ovals on the inside of your bumper on each side of the bumper where the fog lights will go.

The numbers listed on the picture are the screw holes you will need to screw the brackets onto your car, #4 is on the very bottom of your bumper, it looks just like the rest of the holes and looks out of place. Now see that oval? That's where you need to cut out.

Step 3
You need to get your drill with the drill bit, a big bit, I used the biggest one in the drill bit box and drill out the diagram I have drawn, 6 holes around the edge.

Step 4
Once you do that take your razor knife and cut from hole to hole like I have drawn out on the pics until you have the whole center part out.

Step 5
Time for the dremel;
Once the center is out, take the dremel and grind the hole out until you have it completely cut to that outside edge of the oval that I have pointed out above in the first picture.

This is how it should look once you got it all the way cut to the edge.

Step 6
Try to fit the outer housing of the fog light in the hole and if it doesn't fit, look and see where it's hitting and grind it with the dremel a lil more until it fits flush in the hole and has nothing holding it up. This is the part that takes time, just trim a little at a time until it fits just right. Make sure you don't sand off any of the studs on the inside of the bumper, you are going need those little guys.

Step 7
Now that you have the housing fitting just right in the hole, get your fog light out and your brackets.

The brackets are straight forward, smaller brackets on the outside, long brackets for the inside. This is the inside left side (right side outer).

Just bolt them into place, this is where you might need the washers to help line the brackets up with your fog light and make the fogs sit right in the ovals, but like I said, mine's aftermarket and the holes were off a little so I had to move the brackets to the outer edges of the provided holes on the brackets. After the brackets are bolted into place, screw the fog lights into the holes I numbered above. Now test fit your outer fog light housing with your fog lights and see if they line correctly, if not, adjust your brackets until they line up together and fit flush on one another.

After you have the fog light in place it should look like this.

Step 8
Put your covers on the front of the bumper, and reinstall the bumper on the car. Mine already had wires run from my other fogs and I just spliced into it but here is the finished product after about 3 hours.

Here is the wiring part after you have the lights in the bumper.


The only problems I ran into were my bumper was aftermarket, and the fog lights were also, so perfect fit took a little more time than if you were to use an OEM bumper cover.

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ah also, there is one screw the fog light has on it with a small spring its to adjust the height, once you get them wired up and up take the cover back off and turn your lights on, against a garage door, wall, etc, and see how they line up, if they are off use a philips head screw driver and screw it tighter to pull it down and loosen if it needs to go up, good luck , and i prolly left some stuff out, but just pm me if you have any questions maybe i can help you out. hope this helps , with a few more pics of what u needa do, insted of those honda drawings which arent that much help

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