OFFICIAL DIY: Install theretrofitsource Mini H1 4.0 Projectors Into 96-00 Civic

Is that for h1 hid only?

Hi i have a hb 97 and planning to,retrofit my lights since i have an h4 6k hid kir installed on my car right now. Since mine is h4 should i buy the mini h4 instead or this one will work for h4 as well? Nice write up by the way! Also is there any cutting involve?


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It all depends on what retrofit kit you choose to go with. The Mini H1 and D2S don't require any cutting. You just screw on the projector to the headlight housing. If you go with any of these kits you will also need the required bulbs. The h4 bulb doesn't fit and would not work.
I'm on TRS and I can't find the Mini H1 4.0 or 4.1, the only Mini I see is this: Bi-xenon Morimoto h1 6.0

Which leads me to my next question, what's the difference in the shrouds? Apparently there are three I can choose from.

And what HID kit would I have to use with them?
At the moment, I'm blinding people with a ddmtuning 6000k kit. >.>

Or should I use the D2s?

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You need d2s bulbs to use the d2s kit. The mini h1 takes an h1 bulb. Your ddm kit wont work with either.

The difference in shrouds is obvious. They look different and some are larger than others.

The 6.0 kits are the latest generation of the h1 kit. The ones used in this diy write up have been discontinued and have been upgraded.

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