OFFICIAL DIY: Rear Bumper Plasti-Dip


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Blacking out the bottom of the rear bumper

Applicable Years: 2006+

Difficulty: 1 of 5

Estimated Time: 1 hour Spray time, 1 hour dry time

Required Tools:

-Black Plasti-Dip. One should be plenty.
-Masking Tape
-The un-used coupon/ad's in the mail/news paper.


1. As when painting anything, make sure the area is clean! I cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol.

2. Tape the bottom of the bumper following the concaved portion of the bumper

3. Tape the newspaper around so the overspray will not get on the car...Although Plasti-Dip is peelable it just makes for a faster, easier to clean process.

4. Wrap some newspaper around your muffler/muffler tip and tape it down

5. Spray a light coat on the bumper and let it sit for 20 minutes.

6. After letting it dry for 20 mins come back and spray a heavier coat of the plasti-dip. Plasti-Dip doesn't run that easily but that doesn't mean you should just hold it in one spot.

7.Repeat Step 5 for a total of 4 coats


Plasti-dip is very easy to use and work with. It withstands most washing methods as well. I'm not sure on how it'd withstand a power-washer as I have never tried. From past readings, you can also do this to the middle of the front bumper which I've seen people do. Just follow the same steps basically. The great thing about plast-dip is that it can be removed whenever you'd like to after it has dried and it wont harm the paint below(thats what the makers of Plasti-dip says). I haven't had to take mine off yet so I have no reviews on that part. But I've sprayed Plast-dip on some painted pieces of my old car that I have left over before I did this to my new car and it came off perfectly fine and paint below was still the same
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