Oil change

Got up this morning and took my car to get a oil change. after they were done i looked at the paper and it said drain pan leakes so i took it to the shop that i go to and they said they would have to put it up on the lift and see said i would be looking at 195 for that job. so should i replace the gasket. i was just going to replace both. and how hard is it to do this myself
99 civic lx


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The oil pan gasket isn't hard to change. You have to drop the header though and obviously need to drain the oil so you might as well do another oil change.

alright cool thank i knew it was not hard they said i wouldnt be able to do it i think they were trying to get in my pockets 195 is alot


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It's not hard at all. Just a handful of bolts on the oil pan. Just make sure the gasket is seated properly and you don't over tighten the bolts.

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