Oil leak???


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Hello All,

New to the forum. Seriously hope oil leak queries aren't common... Searching/posting via mobile phone so hard to check thoroughly...

Anyways, onto the issue.

I think there may be an oil leak on my motor as I have noticed some oil under where I have parked - nearer to the rear of the vehicle...
I've just put some more oil in and had a look at the dipstick.. And am confused. - can see oil at the bottom of the dipstick (like a droplet), but then a long line (like a smear) which goes passed the max marker....
so, does anyone know...

Whether the dipstick should have a more prominent mark of oil?
Where is the drain plug on a honda civic???
How much oil does the oil tank need? Ie - is it worth draining the oil and then refilling??

Erm... That's about it.. Hope someone can help me.. Driving back home in about an hour and need to know me and my daughter will be safe at least...

Many thanks for all your help ;-)


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I am not an expert on oil levels but I think that when you run the engine it puts oil up higher on the dipstick, which eventually comes back down when you stop running your engine. As for how much oil you need and the location of the drain plug, that should all by in your manual.


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Smear = no good. you can tell on your stick.
Can you elaborate? I have the same thing on my stick.


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you should have a crosshatched section on your dipstick about 1in1/2 up your dipstick. you can CLEARY see where the oil cuts line is if its filled in this section.

im pretty sure that if its just a smear, thats just oil that has bounced onto the stick, and has run back down. meaning, very low oil.

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