okay people that know what you're talking about.. help


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i've been pondering about what suspension to get for a couple months now and is in the process of getting something for my 96 hatchback CX totally stock. i'll be running some 205/50/15s on there for sure either kumho or azenis. now what is your opinion on these setups that i've thought up.

Neuspeed race with koni (neuspeed) sp3 shocks

junk2/ground control with tokico

Tein HA (i know they're discontinued but i can still get them) with upper pillow mounts since they come with helper springs.

i want performance since i be doing autocrossing for sure once i get the car going and driveable. other GOOD setups are appreciated. do not post what setups you're running unless you can back it up with hardcore evidence that its good. These are setups that i have dealt with personality and i have some experience in how good they really are. :oops: