over heated


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i was driving my hatch around and i noticed that after initial take off from a dead stop i was starting to lose a little power, i dont have a tach so im guessing anywhere after 2-3k rpm, it got a little worse and then the engine starting soundind like a subaru (or some kind of boxer) this is when i noticed a huge lack of power... my temp gauge went up to about 3/4 so i pulled over. after i let it sit with the motor running for a few seconds it went back down, as soon as i pulled out the driveway the same thing happend this time i pulled over and shutoff the car. there was coolant all of the top of the tranny andaround the passenger side of the engine bay... upper and lower radiator hoses are fine and the radiator itself looks fine, did i blow my headgasket?.

any thoughts?

edit: btw i was in a rush and had to ditch the car in a parking lot so i cant go look at it, thats all the details i have for now, any ideas are helpful


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that would be my guess. but to make sure, make sure that the bleeder is on all the way.