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Sorry to anyone that I interrupted your thread my phone just now gave me the option to post my thread. I have a 1994 honda civic with vtec and I am having over heating problems. Everytime I drive the it boils but I know it's not the head does anyone have a suggestion
Yes, there is no holes in radiator but when we did flush it, it has a brownish tent to it but hasn't anymore the people we bought it from said it has a 1.5 block with a 1.6 head I don't if that is true but I was thinking that if it true that the engine mightbe might be to powerful for the radiator but that's what I think but I could be wrong the reservoir lid has a huge crack in it but we are afaird to get another one because it might blow the hoses with a the pressure the engine has


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your head isnt what causes overheating issues, have you checked your thermostat? Fan coming on? Severe blockage of your radiator(airflow through it). Does it help having the heat on or off? More detail please.

How do I relieve ti he air from the system? Im getting gray hair from my just a few days ago we changed the master cylinderi love my car it just has its problems every car does


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there are youtube videos of how to do it. my method would probably get flamed lol. also yes the radiator cap could be causing it. Because the cap isn't making a good air tight seal its alowing pressure it escape which is why the coolent would be boiling. I'd say pull the cap off and check it, if the rubber looks clean and not chewed up then its fine if it looks old and falling apart replace it.
Shoot it then could be the cap it just looks wrong to me lol but hey atleast you have a method if it works or not =P atleast I have people like you helping me out I tell my husband something he says stop thinking negative but if youu know your car you know something major is wrong =)
Baecause just being pressure could just have to bleed the radiator but if you don't feel the water flow it might be the water pump not working right and would need a replacement...but I can be wrong...

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