Paperclip Fell through Gap of Instrument Panel


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Tried looking through the threads for a fail like mine, but didn't find another person with the same troubles as me.
I have a 2012 Honda Civic Sedan.

Anyway, I had a fairly straightened-out paperclip laying on the compartment on top of the steering wheel (not sure what this is called) against the instrument panel. I found out today that half of it was in between the gap the panel and the compartment above the steering wheel. I tried to tenderly pull it out, but as soon as I thought I had it, it fell through completely. I tried moving the steering wheel around to see if it will fall out or move around but I haven't heard much noise yet.

I am a complete noob so I'm not sure what to do. Should I just wait for the paperclip to fall out as I see that there are gaps beneath the compartment (where the steering wheel column and stuff is)? Or do I have to take the whole thing apart (and when I mean I, I mean probably a professional)?

I tried to stick my hand up in that gap but didn't feel anything but wires and rubber. Any help would be appreciated since I have no idea what damage a small paperclip could do (any? none?).


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Just leave it. It will eventually fall out...or not.