Parts selection drum brake shoes, front struts, rear shocks

Hello, I have a 2008 Honda Civic LX 4 door automatic transmission with almost 58,000 miles and my buddy mechanic said I need new front struts, rear shocks, and rear drum brake shoes.

I have done some research and am shopping on rockauto and other places to find the parts. Does anyone have any advice on which brands I should purchase? Obviously I would rather not spend $100 for rear brake shoes, but I also know I shouldn't just get the cheapest I find.

I have found Monroe, KYB, and FCS strut assemblies on RockAuto. I've seen Monroe, KYB, Gabriel, Sachs shocks but I did read that Monroe shocks make "clunking" noises. And I've seen many brands of drum brake shoes.

Any tips and advice are appreciated! Thanks!
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