Passenger foot well huge leak above / behind ECU

Ive got a huge leak in my passenger footwell when it rains. I took the a-pillar cover off and ran water over the sunroof and can see it going down the tube and it appears fine. I dont have a glove box so it makes things a little easier to see but with the heater core in there its still not great. Its definatley not comming in through the blower motor. I re-did the cowl foam and tried to caulk it but with the amount of rain we have it all rinsed away.

Its a 1993 SI

Any one have any ideas? I heard there was an issue with seam sealer, but cant find much info on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as the GF is getting pretty pissed about this and it might mean ill have to get a new car if I cant get this sorted.


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Use a garden hose to determine where the water is entering.

It's unclear whether you actually ruled out the sunroof.

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