pay to pass smog OC area

hey any of you guys know an area in orange county where i can pay under the table to pass smog...ur help will be greatly appreciated
why not pay to get your car fixed?

Honestly this is just my opinion. but getting your car to pass emission the right way is much better because then you know your engine is running well and is not burning to much oil or any at all. But I won't preach to you. There is a way to pass without paying under the table. it requires you to use diluted alcohol instead of gas. but it is not very safe for the engine. you can also try doing the maintenance on the car and using that bottle of whatever they sell at parts store that help passing emission. my dad used it once to pass his chevy s10 and it worked.

then again I didn't ask why your car can't pass emission. did you do a swap or remove your cats?

i still have the just that i bought the car like doesnt have the air box , it has air intake, and plus the VSS sensor is throwing out the CEL.. suggestions?
if you have an auto tranny then the vss sensor cost around 110$ and for a manual tranny it cost about 85$ plus tax. i would say buy that and have a auto parts store check why your ecu is throwing out codes or a code. get what they ask for. if you are low on money hit up a junkyard and find a 96-00 civic with your same engine and get those parts you need. unplug your battery and once you re connect it the ecu will start logging in your engine condition. if it comes back even after getting the parts you got then take it back to the auto parts store and have them pull your codes again. There is a period where your ecu will have recorded enough drive time to pass the emission test without throwing codes through the obd2 port.

best of luck. and my civic had a check engine light but the local o'reilly store told me it was just an o2 sensor. fixed it and the next day I was able to pass emissions with no problems. A check engine light is automatically considered a failed inspection


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Nice try California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau.

lol funny part your not lying lol they would show who has had illegal activity lol but honestly to answer the posters questons most people probally do know and just wouldnt tell cause they dont want to loose there connect


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Get some damn money and fix the car to pass! Good lord its better to do that than waste money trying to pass without really passing.

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