please help me figure this out!!!

ok so on my 90 ef9 when i take off i hear a rubbing noise at first then it bounces.. it only does it when i take off not when i am on the highway or nothing like that... what could it be. im guessing its either in my brakes the cv axel or worse the clutch.. if u know anything let me know i want to get the taken care of as soon as possible thank u
yea check them out no rims seem fine.. could one be bent and i noticed at 3k rpms i feel a slight vibration in the gas pedal just at 3k though and its not bad at all just very little.. all i can say is when i take off slow i hear a noise of rubbing and then it hopes.. if i take off faster doesnt do it...

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so is it front or rear ive encountered rear trailing arm bushings to cause this when u take off.

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