Please help me out!!


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I want to buy a car but i dont know which one to buy.Help me out please!!!

should I buy a : 88-91 Civic HB or a 88-91 Crx or a 92-95 Civic HB or a 90-93 integ or a 96-00 Civic HB :? :? :?

I have about 5,000 and i am planning to make a jdm car.I planning to drop a gsr motor in.I want to beat all those vettes and stangs out there. :twisted:

I will be able to get more money pretty soon.Thanks


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those arn't as light as the older ones but they light enuff and they look nice at the same time. =)


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fastest car? eg hatch, h22a built and boosted. best on a budget? dc2 teg, built and boosted. you should be able to pick up a decent 90-93 teg for well under 5 grand, and go from there. the b18a is a great engine to boost, and you can get some nasty hp out of them even without vtec. you will have a really hard time finding a 96-00 civic for under 5 grand, no to mention its the hardest to mod because of obd2. it also doesnt swap as easily as a 92-95, and is heavier. my vote goes for either a 92-95 hatch swapped or a 90-93 teg built and boosted.

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