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My 94 ex coupe turbo

Uploaded with


Matching red and black Tenzo R fully adjustable bucket seats
Sparco harnesses
Autometer guages and tach
Apexi AVC-R turbo tuner
Apexi VAFC v-tec controller
Full race ready roll cage with functioning rear seat


Full Wings West Avenger body kit
M3 style halo headlights(black back clear lens)
Carbon fiber M3 mirrors
Carbon fiber taillights(tinted)
Fiberglass hood with scoop (Black,VERY light weight)
House of Kolors Candy Apple Red (Black hood and trunk)
AEM Rear disc brake conversion
AEM Drilled and slotted rotors front and rear


Turbonetics t3/t4 turbo 50trim on 5psi
HKS blow off valve
Tial wastgate
Apexi turbo timer
Flush mount intercooler
Fluidyne radiator
Eagle rods and pistons
ARP head studs
Short throw shifter
Phantom Grip LSD
Full traction setup for no wheel hop
APC Fully Adjustable Coilover Suspension (dropped&tucked)
MSD alternator
MSD distributor
MSD boost retarder
Holly plug wires
NGK-R Spark Plugs
Red top rear mount battery
Full 3" OBX-R Exhaust
Exotic Speed Turbo Manifold
AEM adjustable cam gear
Front and rear(upper and lower) strut bars

I am sure I am forgetting some things but this is it for the most part.

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EK Center Console w/ 00 Cup Holders & Armrest
Stock EG Front & Rear Seats
Stock Shift Knob
Kenwood Deck w/ USB, Aux Port, & Bluetooth
No Carpet
15inch Kicker Subwoofer
1000w Amp Sony Xplod
Ported Box


Stock Everything
LS Integra Mesh Wheels
HID 6k bulbs


B16a Head
B16a Intake
Energy Suspension Motor mounts
B18b Block
ARP Head studs
LS Transmission w/ Unknown Internals
AEM Fuel Rail w/ FPR
Unknown Internals and Unknown Clutch
Ebay Exhaust/Headers
Ebay Short Shifter
Spectre air Intake



Modified AEM v2
Polyurethane filled front torque mounts
ac delete


Weighted shift knob
Jvc head unit with usb/aux inputs
Sony 6.5 f rockford fosgate 6.5 r speakers

Koni yellow
GC coilover 430# f 400#r
Extended top hats f and r
energy sway bar endlinks f

15x7 +38 konig flatout f and 15x6.5 +40 konig helium r. Plastidipped white.
Falken ziex ze912 tires 195-50r15


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D15B7 block
JDM D15B head
Aftermarket intake

Mugen shift knob

Koni yellow struts
Skunk2 coilover sleeves
Extended top hats
Aftermarket LCA
Rota 15x7


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Function and form type 2 coilovers, gonna replace some bushings with energy suspension, motor is the d15b7all stock for now, manual trans

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1.6L vtec 4 cylinder
Aftermarket intake (spectre) tip
Aftermarket struts

14" steelies
Greenish/blue color

No mode

I bought this 94 a couple of months ago I got when it was sitting basically on the ground and it came with 15" steelies I then got 14" steelies put on it and raised it about 2". I'm one of those guys who loves cars, but doesn't know a lot about them. These are things that I know of that are in my car. llI post pics soon.

mike woods

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Hey everyone I'm new to the forum And this is my 1995 honda civic si eg coupe
D16Z6 5 speed manual
Comp cams stage 1 cam
AEM short ram
Dc sports header
2.5" exhaust no cat with mean racing muffler
Short throw shifter

tokico struts
H&R coil springs
All red energy suspension poly bushings

Muegen type R front lip
Red race rear tow hook kit
17" inch tenzo R wheels
Tuner style lug nuts
Red honda emblem on hood
Red gtr wipers

Muegen power steering wheel
Black suede shift boot with red stitching
Black muegen type R shift knob with red shift pattern
Sunpro sport ST tach
And much more to come



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95 ej1
Skunk2 proseries 2 coils
STR 505 rims 195/50/r15
1 off custom front bumper R33 style
D16z6 stock internals
Chiped p28 ecu
Dc sports ws2 exhaust 2 1/2 in
High flow cat
Dc header
Neuspeed strut braces front +rear
Skunk2 camber kit front +rear
Gt racing steering wheel
Pedal dress ups
Pioneer deck
Audiotek 2200 watt amp
2 audiotek 12s in sealed box
Audiotek 2.2 farrot power cap
Loud audio 6.5s in doors and rear window
Custom trunk lid (aka the flip flop trunk)



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I recently scored this 1994 Honda Civic EX for $1300 from a friend who wasn't using it any more. The reason I bought it is because I need to teach my wife how to drive so I figured I would sell my previously owned VW Jetta because it was a manual transmission and buy this instead since it was an automatic and learning on it would be easier. Initially I planned on keeping it as a beater for my wife to use for a year or so (I usually ride my motorcycle for day to day stuff) that way if she bangs it up I wouldn't be too upset about having to repair it or replace it. But I must say now that I have it I'm starting to fall in love with this little car. At at least 220,000 miles and probably more than that since when I got it the speedo was working intermittently (more on that later) is runs fantastically smooth. The previous owner took good care of it but like any old car it needed a few things here and there which I am in the process of taking care of.

-The front driver side wheel bearing needed to be replaced (I had a mechanic to that since Banging the bearing out of the hub and putting in the new one seemed like too much of a hassle especially with my basic tool kit). $15 with shipping from rock auto plus labor.
- Driver side axle was beginning to slip out. I replaced it. Part cost roughly $50.
- The vehicle speed sensor wasn't working, and upon inspection, the spring in it had broken in half and the inside was caked with sludgy grime. I cleaned it out and tried to replace the spring with an ink pen spring (the pens that click) since its the closest thing I could find but that didn't hold for long (much weaker spring). I bought another VSS all together from amazon for $15 and now its fixed.
- The car didn't really need this but I figured I would welcome it to my family by giving a tune up. Bosch distributor cap, new wires, and Bosch platinum plugs. It made an instant difference with power and responsiveness. Cost under $40
- A few gauge cluster lights need replaced. I ordered some cool blue LEDs will replace this weekend.
- Old after market radio sucked so I bought anothr aftermarket one from amazon with SD, Aux, Blutooth, and USB for $35 + another $3 for harness and installed it.
- Most of the speakers didn't work but upon inspection they appeared to be decent quality aftermarket speakers but the issue was with wiring. Fixed it. cost $0
- Gear shifter light was out. Replaced it. under $4
- rear brakes are squeaky ordered drums, shoes, and hardware kit and will replace them this weekend cost $80
- Glove box latch and lock are broken, still trying to find a scrap replacement.
- There are a few rust holes under both rear wheel arches. That's a cosmetic issue but eventually I would like to try to fix the rust holes with some bondo and paint....eventually.

Other than that the car doesn't really NEED anything else and. Of course with it being as old as it is the suspension is a little rough but nothing's broken. I found 4 sensen shocks on amazon for under $100 and will buy those in the near future along with any rubber bushings the suspension needs to give it that new ride feel.

What I like about this car is that it's soooooooo incredibly easy to work on. I NEVER would have done any of this work on my old VW because it was so complicated to work on plus all the specialty tools you need, not to mention parts are way more expensive for that overrated German car. I've owned a Toyota before and I loved it, and my motorcycle is a Honda and I love it. From now on I'm sticking to Japanese for any vehicles I buy. Maybe after I do all this work to it I'll just keep this as a 2nd car even after I buy something nicer when my wife is more comfortable behind the wheel. Anyhow, I see why civics have such a cult following and why they have a reputation for living forever. They aren't the fastest cars (not even close), they aren't the prettiest cars, they aren't the most technologically advanced. But when you need something easy to work on, and as reliable and loyal as an old dog then look no further than the Honda Civic.


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Diana Nam

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heres my old eg coupe i had back almost 6/7 yrs ago

95 civic coupe dx

F23a vtec single cam
4-2-1 header
full 2.5in exhaust
ported and polish head
ported and polish intake manifold
ported type r throttle body
short ram intake

Mugen front lip
password jdm smoked amber corners
jdm eg6 headlight(glass lens not plastic)
Blox rear LCA
ARP extended wheel studs


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94 EX Coupe
Skunk 2 lowering springs
Universal front strut bar
14" BMW wheels

Nothing special...just bought this car pretty cheap...has some mismatched body parts and some minor hail damage....other than that just a minor tranny problem.


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93 Dx auto to manual converted coupe. hand built z6@11psi has ac/ps

too many mods to list i'll do a personal thread soon. but enjoy =)



My 93 coupe went with as much ricer theme as I could get.
Crappy tint
Tons of decals
Big subs
2 inch drop
Rims worth more then the car
Big muffler
Blue lighting
Hoping to turbo soon
Massive d15 motor all stock IMG_20161129_002213.jpg