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1995 Honda Civic LX
-Stock: 1.5L 16-valve SOHC

-No name coilovers
-17'' Katana Racing Rims


Addicted to Honda

1994 180i Spreeline
300 000km

P75 Head
Custom 4-2-1 Header (45mm-50mm-57mm)
57mm "Straight through" 3 box exhaust
Chambered Induction
K&N Cone Filter

Koni Yellow Sport Dampers
Megan Racing Sleeve Overs

15" South African EK VTEC spec rims
195/50/15 Street Tyres

Programmable P28 ECU
B16A Radiator
EK Front upper strut bar
Filled Engine Mounts

JVC Front Loader with DVD function & IPOD interface
OEM Front door speakers
Sony Xplod 6x9" rear speakers

Further modifications in the pipelines & to happen as soon as cash flow allows.


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EG8 civic ESi

- JDM D15B VTEC (stock)
- 4-2-1 ORD header
- K&N air filter

- JDM EK4 front & rear seats
- Mugen pedals
- JDM EG6 gauge cluster
- OMP steering wheel
- momo shift knob

- JDM amber corner lamp
- depo tail lights
- EG6 front bumper with clear fog lights
- T-R front lip
- EK sideskirts

- tanabe sustec pro coilover

- Enkei RPF-1 16x7 +38 with advan neova AD07 205/45 R16
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my honda civic

General Details :
Year: 1995
Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Color: cookie monster blue
Transmission: auto
Interior seat/trim color: silver/blue/gray

Package Options:
Exterior Modifications:
new paint,dragon graphics,decals,amp rims 17",kumo low pros,detagged

Interior Modifications:
custom silver/blue color scheme,750w sound system,blue inside neon,painted cam cover and high peformance exhaust and tip

Performance/Handling Modifications
new engine...30,000 miles,transmission fly wheel replaced,high flow short ram, high pro glass pac,performance wires and plugs, new cap, new radiator,new fuel filter, new starter, new steering rack and tie rod ends
back suspension bushings totally replaced with neoprene, front suspension upper control arm ball joints replaced

Future Planned Modifications
engine: new fuel rod and injectors, total hose replacement,better belts,higher performance cap and rotor plugs and wires.
possible vtec conversion

interior: racing seats,new carpet,dvd,computer hook up. new seat covers with club logo

exterior: convert back drums to disk,higher performance disks and calibers, ground package,rear spoiler,legal neon package. Club windshield decal, new paint job with graphics underneath clearcoat layers
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No real mods just yet. Unsure on future plans as well. I traded a jeep for this thing a while back and honestly approached it like any of my other cars. In the plans that I wouldn't be keeping it, but the gas mileage and comfort of this car (never thought my 6'2" 250lb ass would have said that about a civic lol) have gotten to me and I actually like it. No build thread as of yet, but as I start to make up my mind on what I am going to do I will likely put one up.


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my pride and joy...

h22a engine swap
mugen wheels on 205x40x17
carbon fiber hood
recaro sr3 seats
nardi steering wheel
jic majic lowering springs
spoon engine damper
beaks lower tie bar
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1992 Civic EX

Short Ram Intake
4-2-1 Headers
Cat Back Exhaust
Integra Leather Seats
Special Edition Integra Wheels 15"

I want to lower this car one day but since it has rusty parts underneath I think I would have to get new shocks too... More money:shock:
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1992 Honda Civic LX 4dr
More pics: Honda Civic LX/

- D15B7
- 1.5L I4
- Non-VTEC

- Stock
- Flat Black Primer (painting soon)
- Clean, just dirty in a few spots
- Left Headlight = Aftermarket (don't know the brand)
- Right Headlight = Stock
- Tailights = Stock

- Stock
- Maroon color
- Missing stereo
- Upholstery is falling from the body in some spots, especially around the fuse box under the steering column.

- AFAIK, the owner before me put in lowering springs, new axles, cams, brakes, rotors, and other things under the hood. The valve cover is also painted gold. (lame)


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Whats Happening Now:
swapping out the blown d15b7 for vtec d16z6 n ecu

Future plans within a couple months:
lowering on skunk2 or tein springs
duel bend short shifter
aem cold air intake
and a radio.. (ha ha )

[P1] HeadGasket

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Color: Primer Black

Exterior: Spoon front lip, spoon mirrors, type R rear lip, yakima bike rack, 6in hood prop lol, 3.25 extended wheel studs, extended anodized lug nuts, jdm Stanley 50/50 tails headlights sidemarkers and amber corners!

Interior: Type R seats w/ eg rails (black with red stitching), xplod deck , JL audio 12in sub

Wheels: Civic vx oem wheels 13x5

Engine: D16y7 w/ D15b head, cold air, 4-2-1 headers
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d15b2 block + head d16z6

121,3 [km] 6753 [obr/min]
138,4 [nm] 5437 [obr/min]

this is 2 year before ;) today is better :D
D15B JDiMport Squad
Model:1992, sedan, 4d

d15b2 + minime
head from z6
engine oil repsol 15w40

adjust cam gear vision
new engine on d15b2 block
rod bearings acl
piston rings npr
pistons from d13
camshaft stage 2
exchange all seals and gaskets
wirring harnes 10,2mm
wirring harnes separator
sparg plug ngk iridium
head cover mugen

Intake system:
intake manifold from z6
intake big tube
filter K&N
intake filter k&n cover

throtthle 60mm

Exaust system:
exaust header stainles 4-2-1

cat conventer
twin loop jdm dual canister

end of rmp 8200rmp
vtec 5200rmp
program from crome
maps by proturbo

maybe start prcedure
shift light
vtec light
vtec controler

Uklad napedowy:
change joint-- GKN
gearbox have new oil 10w40 to big hard work ;)

clutch exedy
light fly whell

front&rear up tie bar DNAmotoring
wheels -- in summer -- 6,5x15 proline pv, tire rear -- nexen n2000, front -- dunlop sp sport01 w rozm. 195/50r15 84V
winter -- 6,5x15 oem honda, tire dunlop sp winterresponse 185/60r15

eibach pro kit
kayaba agx
Energy suspension hyper flex kit
front&rear tie bar DNAmotoring

Breake system:
front swap to 262mm
breake disc brembo max + breake pads bosch
wire harnes stainless break
breake fluid bosch DOT 5,1

disc breake in rear
big pomp & servo breake

Body kit:
colorcar -- ocher beige met.
front & rear lip type-r
jdm power folding mirror
headlight's clear black
corner amber usdm
red/white clear usdm
jdm flat side marker
spojler ferio
license plate usdm
hood dumper
jdm visor
Mugen oil cup
Mugen fuel cup
30 washers on board :D

jdm projector fog light yellow
bronze glass
3rd breake light ferio
sport resevoir tank cover spoon
radiator cup spoon
thin side door molding

rings onguages
replika guage SiR

all interior from FERIO
JDM cup-holder
indiglo lights on heateng panel
short shifer & cover bot mugen or spoon

Car audio:
somthing ;)

horsepower in stock = 90KM
after mods + 128,4 KM 6615 obr/min i 145,9 NM 5411 obr/min


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D15B7 with a short ram intake.
Changing to eibach lowering springs

chris motion

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1993 Civic LX
Fuel Master added to fuel line for better gas mileage
Wheel covers removed and wheels painted
Tinted windows

i'm about to add:
Brembo rotors and Brembo drums