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1991 Honda Civic STD

ReBuilt 1.6 Dohc ZC
SRP 75mm Pistons w/ SRP Rings
Eagle H Beam Rods w/ ARP Bolts
ARP Headstuds
HKS Bead HeadGasket
Brand New OEM -Timing Belt, Oil Pump, Water Pump, Main and Rod Bearings
Head Rebuilt w/ OEM parts and Hot Tanked
Stage 3 Clutch
8 lb Flywheel
NGK 2 Steps Colder BKR7E-11 Sparkplugs gapped @ .028
Magnacor Sparkplug Wires
Halfsize EG Aluminum Radiator

-=Turbo Setup=-
Garrett T3 .42/48 Turbo
Chipped PM6 ECU tuned w/ BRE
Custom HF TopMount Manifold
2.5" DP and Catback into fart can
450cc BlueTop Injectors
Jegs Oil Lines
CXRacing Intercooler
2.5" Intercooler Piping
Walbro 255LPH Fuelpump
Greddy Type S Bov
TunerToys Vacuum Manifold
2.5bar Map Sensor

14" HX rims painted Red w/ Chrome lip
MaxSpeed Coilovers / Tokico Blue Struts
Clear Corners
Smoked Taillights
10,000K H.I.D
Shaved Emblems
Clear Bumper Lights
Window Tint (20% up front...2.5% in back)

Whistler Cop Radar
Glow Shift A Pillar w/ Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge, Boost Gauge, Oil Pressure Guage
ProTach Tachometer
Custom White Interior
Custom Short Shifter
Metal Shift Knob

-=Sound System=-
220w Sony Xplode Cd Player
Alpine Front Speakers
2 12" Koiiler Subs 1000wmax each
2400wmax Amplifier
4 Gauge Wiring Kit
Custom Box tuned to 35hz
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1989 Honda Civic SI

Plans on a Mini-me, maybe turbo.
Doing a full build from top to bottom.


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ZC single cam motor swap
Ebay intake piping with aem Filter
DC sport headers
HKS ti 2.5 carbon exhaust
TenzoR strut bar
Megan strut bar
Megan C pillar
Coil overs
HX's Rims
Ek 97-99 fogs
S2000 shift nob
short shifter
momo pedals
password shift boot
password side markers
integra front lip
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1991 civic hatchback
ZC 1.6L DOHC swap
jdm hood (primered it black)
swaped motor (non-vtec) JDM 1.6l DOHC ZC (D16Z5) 130hp/110tq
3.88 gears (4-speed)
coilovers (dont want to install ebay....)
truck nutz (4" blue) -stolen....bastards....
shocker decal (4" by 5.5")
cold air intake
side markers (smoke)
painted bar in front between hood and bumper black
Low Beam HID's (hyper white - 4300k)
getting new black carpet soon

update: lost the lip, gloss front and back bumpers now, headliner is now blue and black plaid along with other parts inside with black everything else

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My 91 DX
its mostly stock except the ugly wheel covers (taking them off soon) and a Short ram intake


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Since i'm new I guess ill post up my rides.

First is mah daily, a 1991 dx. Obd1 converted, z6 swap, Si trans, dc header, stock styled 2.5" exhaust, hai, full Si interior, with extras like dc2 gauge cluster, dc2 center console. Crx Si wheels, ridin on ebay coils haha and the best thing about it is the bra

and muh rice car. 1989 dx

ENGINE:sohc zc
eagle/vitara set-up
oem bearings
arp headstuds
stock head, im, tb.
3" turbo back exhaust

xspower i/c
knockoff greddy bov
tial w/g
revhard cast manifold
1000cc precision injectors
Walbro 255

Si trans
ACT 4 puc unsprung
integra da front and rear disc

apex-i itr 12 way adjustables with lca's and wishbones
spring springs
camber kits f+r
da front and rear disc conversion
da gsr wheels

WHP:343 TQ:260 ft/lb @ 20 psi
Best time this summer of 11.6 @116mph with a 1.666 60'



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SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS this winter...introducing my winter beater

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91 hatch w/ SOHC ZC
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SOHC ZC swap w/ 5 speed trans
KYB struts springs unknown (yellow)
Short shifter
Angel Eyes projetor lights
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1988 honda civic hatch



Pioneer DEH-P3000IB Headunit
6.5" 180w Encounter Fusion Front Speakers
6.5" 200w Encounter Fusion Rear Speakers
12" 400w Encounter Fusion Suboofer
600w x2 4-Way Encounter Fusion Amplifier

slOth sticker in old english font on back windows

i had the audio gear given too me, thats why its the only thing not stock lol


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mad stock.
no mods.

ima start with an exhaust.
what should i start with first?

currently i need a passenger side view mirrror,
both fenders,and get the driver side window on track.
minor....and remove all those damn ugly stickers.

whatya think.?


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91 hatch

rebuilt from the ground up b18a1
272 camshafts (more lift than v-tec)
1 ply of head gasket used to up compression
big exhaust. using a mufflter from an 02 sub sti


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will hopefully be getting newer lower pics soon=)
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heres my 91 si hatch

-barrd/reffd ls b18 swap
-gsr tranny
-6puk clutch
-AEM intake
-wire tuck
-2 1/4 exhuast
-maglaflow hi-flow cat

everything else
-lowered on adjustables
-vx wheels
-OEM front crx lip
-yellow fog lights
-yellow brights/blue headlights
-jdm midwing
-tinted all around
-black/red crx seats
-SIR steering wheel


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My current list of mods:

Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:
JDM B16b
DC 4-2-1 header
B16 Y1 transmission
Greddy SP2 catback exhaust
eBay short ram intake
B and M short shifter
Energy Suspension shifter bushings

Suspension Modifications:
D2 RS Coilovers
D2 LCA's
eBay upper and lower strut bars
Techna-Fit ss brake lines
Baer Decela rotors

Wheels/Tires Modifications:
15x7 Drag DR23 rims
Nitto NT450 195/50R/15 tires
Honda centercaps

Interior/Exterior Modifications:
Greddy weighted shift knob
GSR center console
Sparco CF pedals
Broadway 300mm convex mirror
Alpine headunit
Bazooka NOS6 subwoofer
PIAA yellow lowbeam headlights
DA rear lip
Del Sol Seats
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Not done yet, but it will get there

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Stock Sleeve 85mm B20/VTEC
Stock B20 Rods with GSR Rod Bearings, RS Machines Cast Pistons 11.5:1 Golden Eagle Block Guard
Chris J Mild Port B16a Cylider Head with Omnipower USA Valve Springs and Retainers, High Comp Omnipower USA Flatface Valves
Custom HBR Camshafts with mf cam gears
Edelbrock Victor X Intake Manifold
4-2-1 Tri Y Stainless Steel Header
Magnaflow Muffler
Omnipower USA 68mm Throttle Body
SpeedFactory 2qt. Catch can
9500rpm revlimit
92 octane unleaded fuel
RDX 410cc injectors
SpeedFactory Tuned on Crome

suspensions d2 1 pc suspensions

exterior. kandy burgandy paint job. free style wing. jdm sir front end. jdm sit moldings. jdm rear bumper and lip. rear disk brake conversion. slotted rotors. 16in konig mesh. etc etc

interior. jdm rear seats jdm console. gsr gauge cluster.


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1990 honda civic si

This is my 1990 Honda civic Si, i recently bought it from a retired US Navy Seal in San Diego , runs great at 70k and had the distributer replaced a couple years back. It is free of rust and has been meticulously cared for. I am thinking about some tint soon, and setting up a nice 6 speaker sound system, I am thinking Alpine =)

thanks for checking out my car
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