Probably a stupid quesation about a clutch, but...


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Please excuse my ignorance here but can the clutch be adjusted on a 00 Si? Its not slipping at all, it just seems to be grabbing high,but I was told that it probably jsut needs to be adjusted. I was also told that since its hyrdrolic it can't be adjusted.

Either way I'm waiting on a new Exedy organic clutch, but I want to wait till I save up for a new flywheel to have it put in. Hopefully somone can help shed some light on the adjustment question for me.

umm, search the engine tech archives, i believe Anfrey posted a how to on adjusting your clutch/clutch pedal


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theres a gold plate lookiing thing behind the pedal/leaver with a 12 mm bolt behind it, thats where you adjust ;)

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