Putting NOS in my 2001 Honda Civic ex


So I've owned a civic for over a year and think its time to mod it up. I ordered some new hubcaps, undercarriage lights and did some body work on it because it was pretty beat up. I am thinking about installing a NOS kit in it to give it some extra power. I know it could only handle 50-60hp max because the engine is stock and 18 years old but I still think it would be dope.
Does anyone know if this will destroy my engine or cause any other major problems?
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Nos huh ? Give the community some more info. What's stock, what's not. What engine, what trans? You gonna give yourself a kick like that I'd suggest brakes before speed.

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If this is your only mode of reliable transportation, don't do this.
If you're not mechanically inclined, don't start messing with things you know nothing about.