Question 96-00 Civic Rear Disc Brake Conversion


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i Drive a '97 Civc EX, the car only has front disc and rear drums...

What are ways to get a Rear Disc Conversion?
Can i fit rear disc from 92-95 Civics or 90-93 Integras or 94-01 integras?

If i buy an AEM big brake upgrade kit with calipers and all, will this replace my drums? i don't think it will but just double checking.. Any Info Will Help, Thank You..


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well, i was told the LCAs from the integras and 92-95 will fit, but it will be much easier to go with 99-00 Si parts.

big brake upgrade will not turn your druns to disk.


Whaddaya lookin' at?
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Suspension parts from the 99-00 Si or 94-01 RS/LS/GS/GSR tegs are the ones that work.

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Im pretty sure the del sol si's and vtec's work as well. but correct me if im wrong.