Question, are the headlights on the 96 civic the same size and stuff as the 98?


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looking to buy some of the projector headlights online for my 96 civic, but it says for 96-98 so im just checking.


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yes 96-98 same them headlights will be horrible wont be able to see 20ft in front of you


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96-98 headlights will be the same. They changed the bumper/headlights (along with a few other things) for 99-00.
Go with any headlights that will fit 96-98.
well, not ANY. Some headlights out there look horrible, but as far as fitment yes. =)


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yes they will fit anything from 96-98 is the same. but don't get the projectors they will look bad and the quality won't be that great either. Do a retro fit and call it a day. the quality of the lighting will be wayyyy better

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