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I've had several Civics with swaps but they were all either b16 or gsr swaps. I just found a KILLER deal on a very clean 91 sedan and I'm considering an LS swap for it because I think a motor with more torque would be better for a dd. Does the b18b really have that much more tourque than a b16? I don't want to get speed-crazy with this car- that's what the hatch is for, but I do want a nice little sleeper for the daily commute. How to these motors respond to bolt-ons? I was thinking just a simple sri and cat-back. The body on this car is ridiculously clean for a 17-year-old car. and the interior is too and I want to try the LS swap to save money over a vtec.


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theres only about 15lbs of trq more on the ls over b16. b series respond a little better to bolt ons than d series, but nothing like k series...sri and cat back really wont give you much more hp, maybe 4whp.