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ok so i bought a si an was told that it had a d16y8 swap. how would i tell if its a mini me swap ? would the y8 head fit on the stock si motor ? am ok maybe 2 quick question. an if its is a full d16y8 swap plez help me out on the thread d16y8 help plez


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sry just trying to get to the bottom of that as im still deciding wether or not to keep the car or sell. just wanna figure out if its worth it or not to finish up this project an still new to the forum thing ill take the tip tho an remember that for future post.

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Look at the engine data stamp of the front of the engine beside the transmission. It will tell you what bottom end is on it. Also if it has a y8(p2j) head it will have a different stamp on it than a z6(p08).