Radiator support assembly replacement

Hey bro I just did the same thing thought it was super hard but it wasnt its just taking a bunch of 10 millimeter bolts off the body the hood mark your hood where your bolts go in with a paint pen so u know where your hood lines back up... fenders and bumper the head lights too then the radiator air box and the washer fluid box and the box that is clear that runs to your air box on the passenger side needs to come out take off the plastic under trim then that bar coming off your radiator support take that off any thing in the way of pulling or putting the core support back on.
Here are videos i found useful on YouTube its 1240 am where I am and I gotta be up at 415 for work

I just finished it up Sunday evening took me all day to put it back together and drove it to work this morning

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Also I'd suggest getting a sawza and cutting the core support off the other vehicle then dismantling it

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