Re-surfacing some wheels

Hey guys,

I procured a set of fat fives the other week, and they are pretty curb rashed. I have been conducting some research to try and get the best results, so i was wondering what are some of the best methods you guys have used?

Currently, i have been working on the lips, using a dremel to grind out the really rough scratches and gouges, then wet-sanding over it with 400 grit, then 1000 grit just to see what it will look like.
Another question that spawned while going through this, will the sanding/grinding on the lip make the wheels more difficult to balance in the end? It may sound dumb but i honestly doubt that enough metal is being takin away to make a difference. Thanks guys!


The names Jordan
What are you planning on doing with them? Painting? Polishing?

My friend had a bad set of gsr blades with curb and some major gouges in them. He wanted me to take care of them for him. So all i did was sad all of the area's with 400 then 800 grit. Wiped with some mineral spirits layed down 2 coats of primer then 2 coats of paint. Followed by 3 coats of clear. I used this high temp paint called silver blue metallic. Came out really nice.


I plan on painting. Mine are pretty rashed, but yours turned out really nice! I was probably going to throw down some of the duplicolor black.
I used self-etching primer on some of my dad's harley parts, and it came out really nice with some wet sanding so i will go that route as well.
Do you think the dremel is too excessive to smooth out the gouges?
I plan on using some metal filler as well for some of the larger ones.