rear disc conversion?


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The swap wasn't that hard at all. I did mine with the rear trailing arms from a '99 Si, because they are the easiest to swap. They are a direct replacement for any EG's and EK's so they would work fine on your car too. Make sure you have all the parts before you start (rear trailing arms, calipers, caliper mounting brackets, brake lines, e-brake cables, rotors, pads, brake fluid, and brake cleaner). You will need the e-brake cables from a '99-'00 Si. Otherwise, you just undo 5 bolts, that can easily be reached, from each side, then remove the old rear trailing arm and swap on the new one, hook up the brake lines and cables and bleed the brakes. Some people will say a new proportioning valve is necessary, but with my experience, you can do without it until you can afford or find a replacement.


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i just did mine....take your time do it right. snag them from the si and the e-brake cables. tear them down. take the old calipers and get new ones from advance auto or auto zone, so you dont have to rebuild the ones you have, not to mention no need to clean to paint em. replace the trailing arm bushings, i did mugens on mine $100 via jhp. and since your doing that you might as well do the stainless lines as well. got mine from jhp as well. you will need a bigger brake resivour one for a si (it has a bigger port in it). check and see if your prob valve is the same as the si's (you can check the part number here the DX is the same as the SI. i havent had a single problem with braking and the stainless lines make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!. i also picked up brembo blanks for 25 a piece and went with ceramic lifetime warranty pads....and before i forget! do yourself a favor, replace your spindle bearings before you put them one, i didn't and it bit me in the @$$. autozone has Timken bearins for llike 107 a pop.

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