Rear lowering

I was just wondering if you guys could help me figure out what kind of lower control arms, lower tie bar, sway bar, ect. good quality but also cheap, I people to be able to see it and look good. Im going for red ive been looking at beaks. Help me out



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As as you know you're completely wasting your money on parts that have no functionality at all.....and that's money that can be spent on other things that will actually improve handling and performance.

I haven't had an issue with my Skunk2 rear LCA's over the past several years. A common combo is ASR brace and Beaks rear lower tie. Looks cool.

saVE money for skunk2 or funtion7s lcas blox lcas are no good, bushings will tear out in couple of months if not properly put on and if they are maybe will last you under a year just my opinion tho


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If you're purely going for looks, a swaybar isn't really necessary considering you can't see the bar unless you bend down and look under the bumper.. Save your pennies and get Function7 LCA's, it's worth it. W/e tie bar will do, doesn't do anything for performance so just get w/e you like...

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