Rear trans mount removal

Can't even get to the rear bolt on the rear trans mount, from any direction, in my shaky old
stock '89 civic. Read a thread about using a offset "gearwrench" ( I'm assuming a ratchet
wrench). Sounds possible, but I'll have to go buy one. Anyone tried this, or any other ideas?


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Got a picture...? I believe I got to mines with an extension and deep well socket. I think its the 17
mm bolt or something to that effect?

Really nothing to take a picture of. The rear of the mount is completely hidden. Even with a swivel
I can't get a socket in there, there's hoses and cables right above it. But thanks for your response.


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If its like my current d series then once you remove intake, and heater hoses etc you ahould be able to reach it.

I guess I"ll go and buy a swivel ratchet wrench and give that a try, beat on it with a dead blow. Looks
like about the only thing that will fit in there. BTW I gots to pull the trans, saw a post about wedging a ratchet
handle between the spindle and the LCA, letting the jack under the LCA down, kicking the caliper, and breaking
the ball joint loose. No pickle forked boot, no ball joint removal tooled stud! Pretty sweet if it works.
I'll post later with results.