Rebuild Engine Swap Show Off D16Y8

Hello world and Honda civic community. Just to start off im a new member but long time reader for advice sorry in advance. Its great to find people who are just as passionate about this tiny car as much as i am. I drive it everyday and i wear my red Honda shirt everyday=) i have a 2000 ex coupe I recently finished my d16y8 rebuild/swap it was a crate engine straight from japan was trying to do the b16 or b18 acura integra rsx swap maybe k24 series but ran into other fitment issues especially the transmission. got some if it on video has a beautiful custom tig welded exhaust with all mandrel piping. new crankshaft main bearings connecting rods and pistons. everything in the head is new valve, seals, buckets, rockers, cam. has an ecu tune for extra power and advanced timing. it also has an extreme aftermarket body kit and lip kit on the sides and rear. ebay coilovers and arms. has a little bit of negative camber. put so much time and money into this car blood sweat and tears. here are a few pics and please check out the video and check out my Honda dirt bike restoration.please the exhaust sounds beautiful!!!