Removal of intake


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Hi this is my first post and sorry if it is a duplicate.. if you can redirect me to right place then delete this post. Anyway, I have recently bought a civic ej9 engine code d14z2. I'm trying to remove my airbox and then throttle body to inspect iacv and fitv as the idle is sluggish. It starts fine once accelerated the revs stay high and when warmed up don't drop below 1000 and jerks to 1500 and back down. I have my engine light on but no code reader to read at the moment. When driving I get hesitation / loss of power then suddenly power comes back momentarily. I want to clean out the valves stated and give it a full service to see how it responds. But I don't know how to remove the pesky airbox from above the throttle body. Long post! Help would be greatly appreciated.