Replacing a Shift Knob


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hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could help me out

i got a hold of an RSX Type S shift knob, and i want to put it on my EG civic. after i screw off the stock knob, the rsx knob screws in in its place. There are however two prongs sticking out the bottom which is supposed to go into the rsx ring. there is no way the stock ring will go around the to prongs (i broke it trying so).

will i have to replace the ring with the rsx's? and if so, how do i take out that whole center piece to go under the boot?

here are some pics of my problem; the RSX ring is currently attached


DLS TekNiQue

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ok. this is what you do. i made a little picture of what you need to do.

there are two screws visible by the cup holder area. unscrew both of them. then by the e-brake there is a little rectangle plastic piece. pry it off with a flat head screw drive or a knife or something, and then unscrew both screws that are under it. then you should be able to take the center piece off where the shift bott is attached to. flip it upside down, and there will be 4 screws holding the shift boot on. unscrew them, but make sure you see how the shift boot was on there, cause you are gunna have to put it back on. then take the shift boot out, flip it inside out and you can take the ring off and replace it. then put everything back together, and you're set.

i changed my e-brake boot and shift boot about 3 weeks ago, so i know exactly how to do this stuff, so you can trust me. i have a 94 civic dx coupe.

if you ever have any questions, you can e-mail me at:

or im me through AIM at: DLS TekNiQue