Reptlcal's Slow ej8 Build

So a little while ago I picked up my nice 1996 Honda Civic Ex Coupe. I am 16 and go to school everyday and still have to buy all my own stuff for my car. I bought my car myself for $2,600 on August 12, 2011 (All of my savings gone haha). Everything was completely stock and had some small things like blue paint spilled onto the trunk (which I painstakenly buffed out with clay) and small minor dents/scratches. I do not have any pics from when I bought it but every thing aftermarket on this car was from me. I want that clean jdm look (no body kits) and keep a slight oem look. I havn't put to much time and money into it yet but here we go.

-diy black mesh grill
-crap yellow fogs
-oem headlights with removed ambers
-smoked tails (bad idea)
-minor tint
-relocated license plate
-antenna block
-anodized tire valve caps (+15whp :suprise:)
-boring resonator

-blue dome light (dim)
-blue courtesy lights (under dash)
-chrome pedal covers
-5spd shift knob as a automatic knob
-gray mats
-pioneer deh-4300ub (b**** to install myself)
-blue gauge cluster needle lights w/ out lightbulb condoms

-Stock D16Y8 engine
-Automatic :(

To Do:
-oem taillights
-land my car on planet Earth (drop on coilovers)
-oem fogs
-automatic to manny conversion
-someday b16a2 swap
-upgrade intake, exhaust, suspension
-full tint (I know, not that jdm)
-interior stuff
-minor wire tucks
-cleaner interior switches
-front lip
-shave the badge holes and license plate holes
-oem side markers



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Nice start bro,you have a clean solid base to work with,just make sure not to get some cheap ebay coilovers to lower your car,I did and I regret it,but anyways gl =)

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I'm probably gonna get some coils on oem shocks and switch out for some teins full coils or something later. Cause I hate hovering.


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Dont drop it low on stock shocks it will blow them out get full coilovers or a spring combo.
Got a 6th gen ex myself mines a 98 check out my build thread if you want man
Any plans for the motor

I wan't a b16a2 but they're out of my budget right now. Pretty much I want a auto to man conversion, start a color scheme, short ram, wire tuck, maybe a turbo one day, and get on the exhaust, headers, intake manifold, and other things. Not planning to rebuild the engine. Unless I get that b16a2 that I've been craving. I really want to get on that suspension too, drop it, strut bars, etc. You have a nice ex youself though!


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I want a b series swap to man, but im kinda in the same boat i could get a loan and do it, but i refuse to do it untill my y8 kills itself lol.
Thank you for saying that about my little sohc im gonna throw parts on it untill it dies cause i have to have stuff to work on always been that way lol.
I debagded mine same as yours, but i left the honda h lol
You should do some suspension upgrades so even if you do swap it then you wont have to swap any of it out and youll already have a real good base
Whenever i finally swap a b into mine im going ls/vtec swap
Im playing around with the idea of keeping the d rebuilding and boosting it though have you ever thought of that after the 5 speed swap these little sohc motors can make some serious power with the right turbo, supporting mods and tune.


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Could always do front and rear upper and lower strut tower bars front and rear lower tie bars LCA's and a subframe brace if you plan on running a big sway bar.
Also what are you planning on dropping it on and how low you want it?
My engine has 140k original miles on it so I'll keep it until it dies and swap later. And for the suspension I want to get front upper strut tower brace and both the lower ones. Haha I like my trunk and don't really want to run a bar through it, yet. I also wan't to get lower tie bars and drop it probably on just shocks and springs. I wanted to brobably get some cheap sleeves for my oem shocks (I know this is bad to do) but then swap it out later with new shock/sleeve combo. I'm not sure what brand I'm trying to drop them on and I'm a little low on money cause I just got 2 speeding tickets in the last month. $360 for going 83 on the 65 freeway. I'm gonna do 36 hours community service for this and $438 i believe for going 40 in a 25 with people in my car. f**k provisional laws haha. I've been applying for jobs and have a interview next week for my local autoparts store. What did you drop your car on?


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My car is riding stock height atm dropping it isnt really a concern of mine, but when i do drop it mines just going on lowering springs cause im only gonna drop it 1.5 in the front 1.7 in the backand tein s techs are only like 160 shipped
they are also made to run with stock shocks
Thats exactly what I wanted to do. Just tein springs or ebays (only temperary.) I'd get new shocks though soon to drop lower before my stocks blow out.
Also I have a few things I'm gonna do this weekend, Just some cleaning and painting, nothing much though. I'm also probably gonna make some beauty washers and other stuff, it will be sick.


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Those fogs are horrible. Overall good start

IMO B16 is a waste of money. Go with a B20 or B18b, much cheaper, and you would have more fun. Use the rest of the money for other things
Got the valve cover done. Finally got to put it back in when it stopped raining. It didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to look but still look way better than what I had before. The brushed metal "Honda" logo looks very good though. Pics.

Ya accually it is pretty good, the wrinkle finish just didn't come out super consistant, it had wide wrinkles and tight wrinkles but it still came out pretty damn well. I also got a few supplies, gonna degrease the engine a little more, and also door/trunk jams, and I'm also going to attempt to tint my own windows when the whether gets better with that Gila Window Tint Film, 5%. Get her dark. It's cheap so if I don't like it I can always redo it. I also got some rit dye to dye my carpet dark black. I think it will look sick. I'll make a tut on that and get some before/after pics. Here are some update pics too.


Headlights: (HORRIBLE light scatter, I need some projectors or something.)

Tinted my windows today, didn't come out amazing but it looks really good. I'll post pics tomorrow.

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