ronin style seats


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i dunno, it depends on how durable the cloth is that they are made of. it looks decent from the pick and they price seems good, but my bro bought similar ones and they are'nt as durable or as comfortable as he'd like. these look different than his so hopefully they are better. :what:


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98 ej8 said:
my friend bought this like 3 days ago
wud really love to hear what they are like when u find out from yur friend =)

aside that..that website offers leather ones too...and even vinyl ones...but im too noob to know anything about seats...i just got my car and looking to make my interior nice without droppin 1000 bux for recaros....think there is a huge difference between leather and vinyl....?

i go to the beach a lot...dunno which wud be more suitable..


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They look nice. But I would worry about one thing on tha red and blue one's fading..I bought the Tenzo R Gray seat's because I was worried about fading on the red and tha blue ones.They tend to fade after awhile.


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i got them,black with red stitch
they come with sliders,but you will need to buy the base braket(Sparco 220 shipped)....they look ok,but i.really wish i would have just gotten real race seats

you can tell they are cheap when you sit in them

i would save a little more and get somthing with good quailty


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They look nice.. but I've never sat in one...

Tenzo R makes the same style seats... and they're comfortable. I'd go for them.

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with any budget seat, my very first concern is safety. can i trust that the seat won't break in a crash? most people forget that your seat is a very important piece of the safety of your vehicle and that's my first consideration. FIA is one of the approvals that you should look for. they look great though and if they were certified, it would be a hell of a deal.

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