ROTM Submission Requirement

We shall do this the democratic way

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Live Manikins
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How bout this.

Bronze Status Required for all ROTM Submissions

the reason this is being suggested, is that newbies have won previous ROTM competitions, and have bounced after that. This restriction would make it so those who are actually active in the site would be the only ones able to run for ROTM, and at the same time, invite newbs to post and become a regular on the still young site


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what make someone not a "newbie" anymore?


you can call me ABE
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you stole my idea..... but yeah... bronze member is my vote


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Its wack yah.. I mean everyone on this forum knows what car each other have and only newbees come in with the new rides What if they want to post and they have to wait and post at least 100 for qualifications, they probably dont even wanna post it anymoe. I dont know if any other sites does that, Hope this site doesnt because it would suck for the newbees. So we can welcome the newbees, Make them feel like this site is good and koo too kick it in, All we have to do is just hope they would stay.

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