RPM drops when turning the steering wheel (while car isnt moving)


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First of all, as a new member, I would like to say hi to everyone and I hope all of you and your cars are good!
So, first things first. I own a 1995 EG Civic that had originally the D16Z6 engine. Some days ago, I finished my swap with a B16A2, which was in a very good condition. Now, as you can read from the thread title, I noticed that my rpm drop slightly when turning the steering wheel left or right and then going up to the normal idle. Is it normal, or what? I googled it of course, but I found different opinions across the web, from "its absolutely normal" to "clear the throttle body, fix the IAC". I plan to contact the garage that made the swap of course, but I would like some solid reply (as solid as it can be from a web diagnosis that is). I had not even noticed it with the D16Z6, or at least I cannot remember it at all. Thanks a lot in advance!