saweet new to the site


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so new to the site so far its awesome.
lil bitt about me live in mn have a 95 ex ej1 need alot of work but im up for it just take time.
things it will need
new rims tires smaller maby
new paint
new bumpers
side skirts
window trim
outer tie rods ha

thats just the need not the wants

turbo kit
adjustable shocks
rear sway bar

and wait till u see what the wife did to it pics comming soon as soon as i figuer out how to [ost them


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The ball joint went out on my wife and kids at 70 wile i was at work my buddy had to get my truck and drag it to a farm house a .25 miles away and i wish i could find the pics to show u guys how we got her home to lol


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Not really my cup of tea at all but hey to each his own.

:welcome:. Hope you have thicker skin than some other whiners that have come and gone on here.

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