Sedan LX to EX conversion


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Hey I’m new
I want to convert my 89 lx to 1.6 MPFI . I want to keep it automatic. I have a ps9 ex ecu to use.
I also have a 1.5 5spd 90 lx converted to mpfi with a manual Y8 intake and obd1 injectors and mono tech engine harness. I want to use it as my parts car. I’ll convert it back to dpfi and sell it.
I also pulled a automatic transmission from a delsol that I want to use because my current is slipping 2nd gear.
I’ve heard it’s best to match the ecu with the block. I have a ps9 but ZC blocks are not easy to find and so can be expensive.
I would like to use a y7 block with a y8 cam locked in should I use the p2e? Maybe the ps9 would be more peppy? Idk
Your thoughts?


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Sounds complicated, perhaps think seriously if the costs outward the car