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Now, I can definitely tell, that fourth-generation of civic's is incureable disease - when you are sure that you have cured from it - boom, and you are riding back home in your new old ED. At the beginning, I was searching for non-4th gen!!!, non-red, non-carbed, hatchback civic, and I have ended with red, dual carb 4th civic hatchback (EC9) :D

My next car was 4th sedan civic ED4. I was prepared for body, and paint job, but when engine had blown, I have sold it to my friend with same model (ED4), but in very bad body condition, he had put his engine, and better parts, and saving money for body =)

When I was searching for the next hatchback, I have found by chance CRX in good price, about 300km from me. There was huge water leak from back of the engine, some rust, and weak paint job (Car was painted, about four years ago, but it looks like 26year paint) but price compensate everything.
The first idea for this CRX was cheap daily - do only necessary things, and ride around the city, but it was stupid idea. :D
This thread is helping me to make progress with car, feel free to ask everything.

- Honda CRX
- Year: 1990
- VIN: JHMED93700S211526

- D16A9
NGK spark plugs, motul 6100 oil, OEM Honda oil filter
Engine was swapped from D16Z5 to D16A9 in very good condition. ECU, manifolds etc., are from D16Z5

- Stock

-Exhaust manfiold:
4-2-1 2" SuperSprint 99155
- center:
- end:
Brand new stock exhaust

- OEM sunroof
- one electric positioning Stanley headlight, and second without Depo :D
- Modded PM6:
Rom: NG63
Two maps, datalogging, launchcontrol, shift light

- L3 after rebuild
FD probably 4.25, but I am not sure
Thin axleshafts from civic

- Front:
Green weitec -30mm springs,
- back:

- 1" Master cylinder with big servo from Rover 600 RHD
- Motul RBF600 fluid

- 282mm Honda HRV Calipers
- Nissin brake pads
- 260mm Opel Combo discs (Meyle)

- 260mm Civic EP Calipers
- 260mm discs
- Blue Print brake pads

- Mim 15x7j et35 rims
- front: medium Profil XR01 reinforced + notched from inside for rain
- rear: soft Profil XR01 reinforced + notched from inside for rain

- Beforelift front bumper
- OEM lift lip

- stripped rear
- 1/4 of XBAR

- Sony XPLOD radio with bluetooth
- 2x blaupunkt GT series

✓ 282 Brakes
✓ 1" Master Cylinder
✓ 421 manifold
✓ install modded ecu

- xbar
- heated mirrors
- learn to drive it good ;)

In search of huge coolant leaks. Three hoses were broken - easy fix

Valve clearance. Intake 0.15mm, exhaust 0.17mm.

Making new tail lights gaskets.

General tuning :rolf:
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I have many pics from modifications, but I do not want to post them if nobody is interested.

I have just discovered (after 9 months) that I have "CRX" stop light.

I have to straight it

New bulbs