Slow wipers: lube, linkage, or motor?


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What's most likely? 130K. Wipers still work, but are sluggish, just a tad jumpy on one side. I am thinking not wear and tear but lubrication on the ball joint linkages, and more likely the wiper studs. Can the studs be disassembled? Any luck squirting some silicone lube into the studs? Anyone having this problem? Thanks for any thoughts you can give.


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Motor may be getting tired, but you can take the cowl off and disassemble to look over the wiper motor and linkages.


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So the windup for now is ...... these wipers were not used for a year. They only get turned on at inspection time. And the lube becomes stiff. A few minutes of use a few days in a row have loosened them up. I did remove the arms. Under the connection is a gasket cover, I jsut popped that off, and yes they are conventional manufacture with a mount rod inside a sleeve, lubrication and held together with c clips. So the c clips could be removed without opening the cowling. I just shot some silicone lube in there for good measure. A little loosening after so many years can't hurt. Then popped the gasket back on and bolted it down. I doubt they'll be sticky next time I need them. So you don't have to attack every problem with nuclear force. Think through the logical steps, design, and what could go wrong. If I had to open the cowling I would have lubed the ball joint connectors on the linkage rods rather than tear them off and replace. One incremental step at a time.