So I got this 2014 Si steering wheel for my 6th gen...


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What's up guys. I was able to get my hands on a 2014 Civic Si steering wheel with the airbag. I have a 99 civic 4dr. Now I've heard that the swap is possible and according to a link, for 06-10 civic steering wheels, it says you have to remove the clock spring in order for it to fit compared to the rsx, EP3 (and AP's I think) which you can put in without hitting the clock spring. I would assume that the steering wheels haven't changed much over a few years... sooo I tried it today.

Problems I ran into and questions I have about the installation, cuz I haven't seen a DIY for installing that steering wheel, and I'm trying not to mess up anything important.

When I installed the steering wheel, the clock spring was definitely in the way, that's a simple removal of 3 screws and two connectors, but what is that white plastic piece behind the clock spring for, and can I remove it? or should I just leave it. It pushes in and out like a spring is in it and it looks like it latches on to the oem steering wheel once everything else is in place

With the clock spring off, I am aware that the air bag will not work, that's fine. Is there a way to bypass the SRS light when it's completely disconnected? Will that 2.2 Ohms resistor trick work? Is there a way to make the horn and cruise control work still? The steering wheel has all the options.

I noticed that the oem wheel has a large shaft on the back, and the new one doesn't have it. I might get another oem one, cut it and weld it to the new wheel so it fits right with no mods LOL.

All help is greatly appreciated


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the white things on the rsx wheel are for cruise control pics of what you are looking at would help. With no bag you have an steering wheel bag you will have an srs light as far as I know. You should be able to switch it from dual stage to single stage there are days on that. But be careful and I'm not sure the setup has been tested. Also u could remove the srs bulb or electrical tape on the back of your gauges to cover the srs indicater