So my car won't start even after...

So the other day I walked out to my car and when I went to start it I pushed the clutch in and turned the key all that happened was lights radio and other misc. Stuff turned on but my engine didn't turn over or anything. Initially I thought it may have been my clutch/starter interlock switch so I tested that it was fine, then I got a new ignition switch and still the same problem, then went and put a different starter of after I tested both the refurbished one that I originally had and the replacement one and both worked, still car won't even turn over checked the battery, it was good checked the relays still good, I'm completely lost as to why my car started fine and a few hours later wouldn't start at all, I have no idea why it's doing this, any suggestions? By the way the car runs, only way I can start it is by popping the clutch.
yeah, i just i guess you could call it hot wired the starter to see if it was the wiring and my engine turned over, so this means its somewhere between the ignition wire from the starter to the ignition switch, im not sure if im looking at the correct relay though, is it the one in the fusebox under the hood that says ig? my guess is ignition??
i ended up running a wire from the battery to 2 fuses (30A and 20A) to equal the relay, to a switch inside and from the switch to the starter and used that to start the car. the only thing is it takes a little while for the engine to start, not sure about that one


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Check the starter wire that goes on top of the transmission. It can slip off randomly. This happened to me a several years ago. I came home, shut my car off, went to go, and nothing. The car worked 100% fine up to turning the key to the last position, but when I turned the key, all I got was nothing.
i did some volt meter checking and i had 12v at the clutch pedal and then checked the ignition wire on the starter and had nothing... any ideas?


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check to see if your main relay is good. my friend has a 91 hb with a b16 and he said the ef are notorious for the main relay not working. dont know why it does it, but i would check that. its under the driver side dash somewhere

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