soch drag times 1/8th & 1/4th?


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I was at the track friday and Saturday for a couple races.
My best time was a 11.398 and slowest all day was a 11.542. From 63-65mph.
I have a 2000 civic ex d16y8 v-tec automatic.
I have a apexi n1 catback
18" enkie rims
What times are u guys putting down?
Is this pretty good for a auto?
The temp was 83 when I started and cooled off to about 72 my last run..


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Last time I had a civic to the track was back in like 2000, lol. I was running mid 13's in the 1/4 on a 100% stock motor with slicks and a 50 shot. Went back a few months later with a turbo and tipped into the 12's some how.

Some day I'll take a civic again... but I like taking my V8 for now.

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