SOHC v-tec


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i just bought 95 civic ex. i was wondering how to get the most outta my SOHC v-tec engine. it feels so slow compared to my other civic i just want the most power out of it.[/siz]


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2 basic options, boost or swap. or nitrous if all you want is temporary power.


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the b my opinion is way too overrated. When someone hears D16 or d17....the first thing that comes to mind is a b series motor swap. I've seen some single cammers deal some heavy damage...and they did it for alittle more than a b series swap. My friend from 7th gen civic has a d16 with a beefed up block and nitrous that runns in the 12's. And he did only that for less than the b swap. If you acount for the money he spent for tranny mods and the other basic have a deal that is much better than doing the swap. Ofcourse you could take a b16 or b18, do the same mods( pistons, rods, FI, etc...) and get much more than doing the same to a D series, but you have to put the budget factor in. Just my .02 or a dollar....i say keep the sohc cuz I'd like to see more single cammers take it to v8's, 12-13 range easily.