SOLVED: ONLY Sirius XM radio working, no sound otherwise

EDIT: The screw holding the aftermarket Amp fuse to the positive terminal of the battery bad shaken loose its nut and there was a poor connection there as well. Problem solved.

So I have a stock premium audio system with nav in my 06 civic Si and got in this morning and had to enter the security code on the head unit which is not unusual because my battery occasionally has a poor connection (need to replace cables). The first thing I noticed was the "beep" sound when any button on the radio is pressed had a different tone. It was not as high pitched. Then I noticed that FM, AM, CD, Aux, and Card don't have any sound. Sirius somehow has sound, but even that seems to be poor quality. The nav works fine. What the heck is going on?


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poor connection with the battery can cause numerous issues especially if left unfixed. if a device is constantly being intermittently powered it can also shorten it's life.

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