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Hi club civic i just recently perched a 98 civic coupe with a d16y7 engine. Now I know it needs a crank sensor but it stills runs, the question I have is when I turn the key to acc no lights come on the dash. But if you turn the key a little before the starter engagement the lights come on. But if you turn the car on all the way and let go of the key it dies any help is appreciated and thank you in advance. Ps not a noob had three Integra da9 over the years lol


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Well, I would suggest pulling codes, but if you cant get it to stay in the "on" position then it may be difficult to do so.

It sounds to me like something to do with the tumbler or the ignition switch. I might try this: Apply power to the yellow and black wire coming from your ignition switch. This should "trick" your car into thinking the key is in the ON position. Then use a jumper wire to your starter solenoid and get it to start. (MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN PARK AND HAVE THE PARKING BRAKE ON!) If it starts and runs, then it would seem that the issue is with the ignition switch. Check out these two wiring diagrams for reference:

The white wire (Red Arrow) is the power going to the ignition switch. The Black/Yellow wire (Blue arrow) is what tells your car that your key is in the run position. The car should run if the "run" circuit is energized. It sounds like your ignition switch and tumbler are having a problem internally and are disconnecting the "run" circuit when the key is in the 3rd position. (First position is off, second position is accessories [radio, running lights, etc] third position is run, and the forth position is when you turn it forward to start it)

Disclaimer: I have not dealt with this issue myself, and there may be more going on with the car. But this is at least the first place that I would start.