Some questions about painting various parts...


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Black 2000 EX coupe. Couple of questions.

1) I'd like to paint my lip and side skirts. Would it be sufficient to mask off the parts, spray the plastic with some sort of plastic priming chemical, and then use the appropriate black spray paint? Then just add some polish and wax and roll with it?

2) I sort of need to repaint my front bumper. There are some scuffs that won't come out. It's time. I don't see it as necessary to repaint the whole thing, but this is more than what touch-up will take care of. As with the lip and skirts, can I just prep and spray? Do I need to sand down to the plastic? Do I need only to get the clear coating off and then add the paint? Is it feasible to do this with the lights etc masked off and bumper still on the car? The sides of the bumper are fine, it's just the nose that needs work. Is there a chemical to use, or do I need to sand? Keeping in mind that this is a piece of plastic, not metal...

3) I have chips. Touch-up, sand, polish - and that's it?

4 and finally) I have bronze powder-coated wheels. They're badass. What product can I use to capture and enhance the color? Chrome polish doesn't seem right, but it's the right idea.